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How to deploy TDCoin mining operation?

    • Gridseed Orb 5 Chips
      gridseed orb 5 chips
    • Power Supply 12V 5A+
    • USB-A to USB-mini cable
      A to mini usb cable
    Software & Operating systems:
    • Linux
    • Centos 7 & 8 cgminer-4.3.5-scrypt.2.tar.gz


      1. Contact developer to whitelist your IP address.
      2. Install operating system. If needed install packages: ncurses-libs, ncurses-compat-libs.
      3. We are using "/opt" folder to install software. Create folder using command from terminal "mkdir /opt/TDCoin-cgminer".
      Download and extract software "cgminer-4.3.5-scrypt.2.tar.gz" to folder. Command "tar -xf cgminer-4.3.5-scrypt.2.tar.gz -C /opt/TDCoin-cgminer".
      4. Connect device to computer using USB cable. Connect power supply to device.
      5. Start cgminer from terminal "/opt/TDCoin-cgminer/cgminer -c /opt/TDCoin-cgminer/tdcoin-cgminer.conf".
      6. When requested url, supply "stratum+tcp://".
      7. When requested username, supply your TDCoin wallet address.
      8. When requested password, put "X".
Terminal running TDCoin cgminer with Gridseed Orb
Should you have a question, ask in fb group "TDCoin Mining Pool".
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