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TDCoin blockchaincoin drops faucet

Once an hour this faucet leaking a drop of coins

Drop will be split among 10 randomly selected addresses.
TDCoin users may participate by using legacy wallet address.

There is few ways to aquire TDCoin wallet address:
  • by installing TDCoinCore wallet, available for Linux, Windows, Mac - wallet
  • by installing TDCoin wallet for Android - wallet
  • by generating paper TDCoin wallet - wallet
  • Please keep your wallet safe and secure. Never give anyone private key for your address, unless you understand that you are giving complete control over the funds available for that address!!!
Sent transaction will be confirmed after 6 new blocks mined on TDCoin blockchain.
Please consider donating to a faucet address a6KMCaEKFEqrbyA2BfGnNK4RtrQmfy9oxH.
Where to get coins?
TDCoin is a peer-to-peer electronic cash system
Where to mine coins?