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What is "TDCoin-Verify"?

The "TDCoin-Verify" system is a unique and original algorithm, a method for verifying something using blockchain technology.

Where "TDCoin-Verify" can be applied?

Any document issuing organization may experience the need for such a system.

In real life, product certificate authentication will take days or longer. With the help of "TDCoin-Verify", it only takes a moment. Consider an example for such an organization.
LLC "B" concludes an agreement with Bureau "A" to test product "B".
According to the test results, Bureau "A" creates a certificate "G".
Bureau "A" places the code of the certificate "G" in TDCoin (the necessary programs can be found on the website).
The placement result is converted to a qr-code image.
Expert Bureau "A" issues a certificate and a QR code image to LLC "B" for product "C".
LLC "B" subsequently places a qr code image on the package of product "C".
As a result, the buyer in the store, in case of doubt,
can easily and quickly check the certificate "G" using TDCoin-Wallet application.

As well as companies suffering from counterfeit products will be able to increase the level of protection of their products.

LLC "B" places the code on its product in TDCoin.
The placement result is converted to a qr-code image.
"B" LLC uses the qr code image on the package.
In case of doubt, the buyer in the store can easily and quickly verify the authenticity of the product using TDCoin-Wallet app.

Another possible area of application is notorial activity.

Please note that the scope of possible use is not limited to the listed examples.

How to take part in "TDCoin-Verify"?

There are two methods for participating: an Accredited Member, a Non-Accredited Member.
Common to both methods:
To accredit organizations in "TDCoin-Verify", please write to us,

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